"Rescued is our favorite breed..."


Here at Kim’s Nurturing Nest Animal Sanctuary we strive to give every domestic/farm animal the best possible life. We respect where they are at when they arrive at our sanctuary. Some are abandoned, abused, injured, elderly or born with an abnormality. We have always had a particular soft spot for the special needs animals and will do everything we can to make their lives fulfilled. 

Our first rescued animals were chickens from a factory farm here in California. We actually assisted a larger animal sanctuary in the actual rescue and were overwhelmed by the conditions these animals are forced to live in for their entire lives. This is really when the questions started being asked and how this sanctuary started to take form. We don’t believe most people would be ok with this sort of suffering if they saw, and smelled, the horrific conditions that our food system has become. It’s just not right to allow these sweet souls to continue to suffer in such awful environments.

We provide ALL residents with the love and care they need to recover and excel to be their best selves. We are small due to our zoning but we have a range of domestic and farm animals that we care for daily from pigs, to chickens, to ducks, to dogs and cats. Every animal is evaluated by our medical director, and if needed, is then seen by the appropriate vet for that species. 


We help with fostering when other sanctuaries are in need of help, for a few days or a few months. We have helped foster special need goats, chickens and cats. We know how important it is to work with other local animal sanctuaries to aid in quick removal of animals from potentially dangerous environments. We also help aid in evacuations for other animal sanctuaries within a 2 hour radius.


We are a plant based sanctuary and enjoy growing fruits and vegetables on site, to not only provide healthy food for ourselves but also for the animals to consume on a daily basis. We built a greenhouse for starting plants from seeds and share our seedlings with friends to help foster more home gardens. 


We started out mainly focusing on rescuing hens. We continue helping other sanctuaries with factory farm chicken rescues and aid in health checks once they are in a safe environment. There is really no medical issue we will not take on to help support these hens to rehabilitate. We have hens with mobility issues, neurologic issues, arthritis, scissor beak, weight control issues (due to breeding) and many hens that have bacterias, lying dormant, that flare up from time to time, that need tending to by veterinary intervention. This is an ongoing, daily, focus for many of our residents. 


Currently we are fostering kittens and cats so they can be spayed/neutered, receive all their shots and then become socialized and so they can find their forever homes.


We are working several times a week with a dog trainer focusing only on positive training. We have a Great Pyrenees Mountain dog that we rescued at 6 months old. She had developed entropion, condition of the eyelids in which the eyelid margin rolls inward towards the eye, and the rancher wanted to have her killed. Luckily, a neighbor brought her to a rescue and we were able to adopt her from them. She was trained very harshly and we are working to recondition her in a loving way. And its working! She is a love bug! We also have 2 smaller rescue dogs that are benefitting from this positive training.


We just installed a filtered pond for the ducks so they can swim in clean water whenever they feel the need to. We are in a drought here in California so every bit of water rationing is needed. When we need to drain the pond we use a system to pump the dirty water to water our compost and surrounding trees.


We are starting a senior to senior program soon. There are so many senior animals that would be perfect to live out their lives in a loving senior, human, home. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting program.



Our Special Warriors

Some of the most amazing animals we have encountered are those that have had the roughest lives. But yet most learn to trust and thrive in a loving, healthy environment. To see the transformation these individual beings make is one of the most rewarding gifts in life. We’d like to share a few of our Special Warriors stories with you so you can see what resilient Warriors truly are. 

What We Are Growing & Eating

There’s nothing better than eating foods in the season they were meant to be consumed in. It does get tricky knowing when that is since our grocery stores have so many fruits and vegetables year round. We try to grow as much as we can at the sanctuary so we can benefit from their optimal nutrition.

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Our Foster Animals

There is often a need to rescue animals out of dangerous situations and foster homes are usually difficult to find short notice. We try to always keep space available to accommodate these animals when there is a need. We have fostered cats, kittens, goats and chickens. Check out our current and past fosters.


Fun Meet & Greet

We look forward to meeting more of you in the future. Please let us know if you have interest in meeting our amazing rescued animals!

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Russ Neault- CFO


Russ continues to serve as the Executive Director at Albert and Mackenzie, a California law firm.  He joined the firm in 2006, and has primary responsibility for the operational management of the firm.  In this capacity, he oversees the finance and administrative functions, including operations, marketing, human resources, technology, recruiting and office development. He works alongside the senior partners in connection with all strategic planning efforts.

Russ spent a part of his teens learning how to ride and care for their two horses Bonnie and Johnny.   After being thrown off Johnny, which was a 17 hand Quarter horse, he learned how important it was to slow down and connect with him while being in his presence.   He also realized that horses and many animals,  are at the mercy of their “owners” and not all owners treat them with the care and respect that they deserve.  From that point forward he realized that animals do not exist for the pleasure and service of people and they are all in need of love, support and advocacy.


Our Mission…

Here at Kim’s Nurturing Nest Animal Sanctuary we are dedicated to providing a safe landing for any abused, neglected, special needs, or homeless domestic or farm animal in need. We aim to provide the highest level of medical care and love to each animal for the rest of their lives. We are dedicated to increasing knowledge on eating plant-based foods and the health benefits that go along with this lifestyle. We try and set an example of living a compassionate life by not hurting others. We qualified for the exemption under section 501(c)(3) as an organization formed and operated for the prevention of cruelty to animals. 

Our Board of Directors…

Kim Kunst - Founder/President


Kim spent the last 27 years as a Pediatric Critical Care Registered Nurse and was fortunate enough to retire in 2019. She adopted her first 4 chicks in 2010 and this experience lead her to see that she needed to dedicate more of her life to helping those animals in need. While she grew up with horses, several dogs at a given time, multiple hamsters and cats;  raising chickens seemed to create a whole new level of awareness for her in terms of caring for animals. When she realized how entertaining, lovable and sweet some chickens are, she couldn’t stand to eat them anymore. She began to question what she had been raised to consume and began to research the impact it had on her body, the animals lives and the world we live in.


She started volunteering at Animal Place Sanctuary in California and was able to participate in rescuing chickens from factory farms in California. With the farmers permission, they would go to the farm at either 1am or 5am, depending on how hot it was, to rescue and transport 2000 hens at a time and bring them back to the sanctuary. It was heartbreaking to leave all the other hens behind knowing their fate. Since she was a nurse by trade and training, taking in the special needs hens, who need more specialized care, seemed like a no brainer for her. She is now a full time caregiver

 for …chickens, ducks, pigs, dogs and cats, while also fostering goats and kittens. 


She has always been interested in nutrition and understanding how what we eat affects every aspect of our health. She has attended several nutrition conferences held by Dr Weil's Integrative medicine program and loves gardening and growing food to consume a little more seasonally. She also enjoys playing tennis, hiking and a good glass of Cabernet with her husband Doug. 

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Alma Hachey - Secretary


Alma has alway been an animal lover from an early age and loved being in the presence of animals, big and small. She was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and came to the United States in 1995. Here she encountered raccoons and possums for the first time and was fascinated by them. Alma loves seeing animals in the wild in their natural habitat. She loves seeing bears in Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, Banff and other parks. She has travelled to Rwanda to see mountain gorillas and other animals in the safari.

Alma has volunteered with Animal Place and has participated in multiple rescues of hens raised in cages for their eggs. She loves spending time with chickens and watching them in their natural environment, such as when they’re dust bathing. She volunteers at Kim’s Nurturing Nest Animal Sanctuary.

Alma currently lives in the East Bay with her husband Marc and 3 kitties.