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Special Warriors

Current Special Warriors in Our Care

Special warriors are animals to be loved, not to be used. They are animals to be cared for, cherished, not discarded. Please join us in lifting up special warriors that might need a little extra care, but have a lot of love to give and a lot of life left to live.

special warriors chicken picture.webp

“Only the gentle are ever really strong.”
                              -James Dean

Previously Taken Care of and/or Passed Special Warriors in our Hearts

Videos of Our Special Warriors

Our special warrior Izzy, a Silkie Frizzle chicken, at stage 2 of her surgery.

Laney, our special warrior who developed debilitating neurological issues.

 Izzy standing on her surf board after surgery.

For educational and instructional content on how to take care of special warriors, please visit our ‘Educational/Instructional Content' page under 'The Animals' here on our website.

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