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Spay & Neuter


About the Program

When COVID struck in 2020, the shelters in the bay area stopped or decreased performing S/N. The population for feral cats has grown immensely over the last 2 years. D/t our zoning limits for farm animals, our Sanctuary has been focusing on helping with controlling the feral cat population boom. We have been building a team to help trap, find low cost S/N appointments, recover, and then release the cats to their original location if they are not fit for adoption. We have been trapping colonies of cats to keep the mom and her kittens together while we wait to find S/N appointments.

Mobile Vet Clinic with Jameson Humane in Napa Valley

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 Jamison Humane Animal Rescue hosted a mobile vet clinic at their sanctuary in Napa with Kim’s Nurturing Nest Animal Sanctuary. We performed a feral cat clinic for a total of 10 spay and neuters as well as one euthanization for a cat who had leukemia. 


Trap, Neuter, Release - "TNR"

Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) is the act of trapping, spaying or neutering, and releasing feral cats into the environment with the hope to decrease feral cat populations over time.

Pictured is a feral cat with a hemostat on its ear. It's ear will be tipped to prevent the need for retrapping in the future since he has already been neutered.

Meet a Sample of our Past Spay and Neuter Animals!

Teddy 2_edited.jpg






Meeko spay and neuter page_edited.jpg


Stella and her litter_edited.jpg

Stella and Her Litter

Kawi and litter

Kawi and Her Litter



Friendly Calico cats that were spay and neutered.jpeg


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